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Where I Buy My Enrichment Toys: A Complete List of Where I Find My Dog's Favourites!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

With so many different stuffable & interactive enrichment toys on the market, it can be quite overwhelming figuring out where to start.

A common question I get asked is where on earth I find these toys?! The truth is, sometimes they're easy to find online, and other times they can be pretty elusive! As a result, I've compiled a list below on where you can find the toys I use in my enrichment rotation at home.

KONG Classics

Kong Wobbler

West Paw Products (Toppl, Tux, Qwizl, etc)

SodaPup Products (Classic Can, EMats)


Snuffle Mats & Snuffle Products

JW Hol-ee Rollers

Flirt Poles

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Planet Dog Snoop

Ball Pit Balls

Stuffable Snakes

Burrow Toys

Not sure what you're looking for? Have a browse through below.


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