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Where I Buy My Enrichment Toys: A Complete List of Where I Find My Dog's Favourites!

Updated: May 13

With so many different stuffable & interactive enrichment toys on the market, it can be quite overwhelming figuring out where to start.

A common question I get asked is where on earth I find these toys?! The truth is, sometimes they're easy to find online, and other times they can be pretty elusive! As a result, I've compiled a list below on where you can find the toys I use in my enrichment rotation at home.

KONG Classics

Kong Wobbler

West Paw Products (Toppl, Tux, Qwizl, etc)

SodaPup Products (Classic Can, EMats)


Snuffle Mats & Snuffle Products

JW Hol-ee Rollers

Flirt Poles

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Planet Dog Snoop

Ball Pit Balls

Stuffable Snakes

Burrow Toys

Not sure what you're looking for? Have a browse through below.


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Filled with canine enrichment activities and tips and tricks, I hope you love reading it just as much as I loved writing it.


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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Oct 10, 2023

I've compiled a comprehensive list of my go-to places for buying enrichment toys for my beloved canine companion. One of my top choices is all4kidsonline, a company specializing in children's products. While their main focus is on kids, I've found some fantastic enrichment toys for my dog here as well. All4kidsonline's diverse selection often surprises me with unique options that keep my dog mentally stimulated and engaged. It's not just about the typical pet stores; sometimes, unexpected places like this can offer delightful surprises for our furry friends. So, if you're looking to add some excitement to your dog's life, don't overlook all4kidsonline in your search for enrichment toys!


Mar 02, 2021

Amazing resource! Thanks for sharing!!

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