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Toy Stuffing Time Savers: 6 Ways to Make Stuffing Your Dog's Toys A Breeze

Time... we all have it, and we all want more of it!

I've put together some quick timesavers for those looking to make their lives a little easier when it comes to enrichment toy stuffing and prep.

What We'll Outline:

  • Prepping in Advance

  • Planning Your Groceries

  • Freezing Premade Goodies

  • Utilizing Time Saving Tools

  • The Instant Pot

  • Grab & Go Options

Enrichment prep may seem like a lot of work, but with these tips - it doesn't have to feel like a chore.

Prep In Advance!

Prepping everything in advance is a great way to take the edge off on days where you're feeling extremely rushed for time.

I usually try and plan to stuff my enrichment toys 1 night a week and freeze them in advance. That way, I can be all set for the week ahead!

Plan your Groceries

For a list of dog friendly ingredients you can get at any standard supermarket, click here.

Planning your groceries helps in advance with prep time because the options you require will already be at home waiting for you!

Freezing Premade Goodies

I love freezing things in advance, because it saves so much time when you're in a rush!

Rather than frantically throwing something inside a KONG in the morning before work, try freezing some molds that will fit perfectly inside your KONG's, or prep fillers for the week in advance in the freezer.

Utilize Time Saving Tools

Believe it or not, there's actually a plethora of standard household items that can make stuffing a breeze. You won't need anything fancy - just some standard items that you'll probably already have at home. These items can be a game changer for many reasons:

Egg Carton: Helps catch any drips from your KONG toys and balances them while in the fridge or freezer (less mess = less cleaning for you!).

Squeeze Bottle: Any squeeze bottle will do. Have an old honey bottle that's pretty much empty? What about mustard? Either will do the trick! Simply clean out the contents and fill will any liquid ingredients that you'd like to use in your enrichment toys. The ease of squeeze ensures less of a drippy mess, and less time trying to spoon runny ingredients into small openings.

Mini Spoons: If you have to use a spoon, make sure you go mini! Kid's spoons are the perfect size to fit inside most enrichment toy openings. If you're looking for something small enough to pat the contents inside a KONG down, stop struggling with regular spoons - go mini!

Bottle Brushes or Toothbrushes: Those KONG nooks and crannies can be such a pain - especially after using something sticky like peanut butter. Spare toothbrushes are hands down my favourite cleaning utensil when it comes to enrichment toys because they can get at all the hard to reach spots and not get stuck amidst any gooey leftovers. Have a small bottle brush? Those'll do just fine, too!

The Instant Pot Is Your New BFF

The Instant Pot - I swear some days I could hug this miraculous little machine. I use our Instant Pot to cut down on cook times for:

- Hard Boiled Eggs

- Bone Broth (our recipe here makes gelatinous bone broth in 2 HOURS as opposed to a 12-24 hour wait time!)

- Cooked Chicken Breasts

- Steamed Veggies

Grab & Go Options

One of my favorite grab & go options besides pre-frozen molds? Dog safe organic baby food purees or wet dog food toppers!

Look for purees like:

- Carrot

- Green Bean

- Apple & Banana (just watch the sugar)

- Sweet Potato

Tip: Always read your labels and ensure no onion, grape, or chocolate.

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