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The Orbee-Tuff Snoop: The Quiet Interactive Feeder (+ Bonus Ideas on How to Increase the Fun!)

If you're following us on our social platforms, you already know that I love a good interactive feeder. They're great for making things interesting for dogs, cats, and even chickens!

However, sometimes our dogs get so thrilled with their interactive feeders that they tend to catapult them all over the house. This is all fun and games of course, unless your walls start to get dinged and the people living under your apartment start leaving passive aggressive notes like, "Are you bowling everyday at 3PM??!".

On the other end of the spectrum, there's also situations where a dog who's nervous of loud sounds and unpredictable movements gets overwhelmed by the clunky nature of a Wobbler or Bob-A-Lot.

If you've ever found yourself in one of those situations, I have the solution for you! Introducing..

Get to know the Snoop

Note: Here I'm holding a size S.

Already know the Snoop, but want to amp up the difficulty for the master puzzler in your life?

Here's an easy hack. All you'll need? A tennis ball.

If you don't have any tennis balls, Planet Dog actually sells a little attachment for the Snoop called a Nook. It's essentially the same idea, but it's made to fit the Snoop perfectly.


  • Super lightweight, which makes it a better option for smaller breeds that may struggle with a KONG Wobbler or Starmark Bob-A-Lot

  • The lightweight Snoop is great for nervous dogs who may be fearful of noisier, clunky interactive feeders due to the loud sounds and movements

  • Bouncy

  • Easy to clean

  • Made of "Orbee-Tuff" plastic, which is 100% recyclable


  • Picks up every spec of dirt and hair from the ground due to the texture of the plastic

  • Works well with dry treats and kibble only (wouldn't recommend any wet ingredient use)

  • Some owners have noted that their dogs have been able to rip their Snoop apart (although I've never had this happen to mine personally)

Overall, the Snoop is a toy that our dogs absolutely love. The bouncy, interactive Snoop is a regular contender in our enrichment routine, and despite some very minor cons - we recommend this toy to dog owners all the time!


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