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DIY Snuffle "Presents": Enrichment Tutorial For Dogs

If you've been through our blog, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of snuffle mats. While I love snuffle mats dearly, there are ways that you can DIY certain activities to encourage the act of sniffing and foraging without paying a ticket price.

So, here's how I created a Christmas Morning activity that encourages the same tendencies as a snuffle mat through making DIY Snuffle Presents! Total Cost: $0.

What You'll Need:

  • Cardboard Boxes

  • Shreddable paper or paper bags (cut or torn in strips)**

  • Paper Tubes (toilet paper or paper towel rolls)

  • Tissue Paper

Optional: Some toys and presents for your dogs (unwrapped) hidden in the box.

**Tip: For dogs that are notorious paper eaters, opt for fabric instead. Cut up an old tshirt, towel, or old sheets!



Will this teach my dogs to rip apart things?!

Answer: Not if introduced properly. Shay Kelly notes in his article "Will Enrichment turn him into a Destruction Monster?":

"Remove the box once the food or toy has been found. The game is to find the items in the box, the game is not the destruction of the box. This allows a clear focus and objective rather than the general destruction of boxes for no reason. Of course though, it is prudent to keep valuables (or boxes you want to keep) out of the dogs reach so that accidents can’t happen."

As with any activity, always make sure Snuffle Boxes are monitored and modify the box according to your dog's personality & individual needs (i.e. smaller dog? try using a shorter box so that they can really enjoy the activity).

Be creative and have fun! Your dogs will thank you for it.


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