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Towel Enrichment: How to Fold Towels to Create Mentally Stimulating Puzzles for Dogs (With Videos)

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

While buying toys and puzzles with enrichment in mind is great, I will always have a soft spot for upcycling regular household items for enrichment activities. Repurposing standard items is an inexpensive and fun way to add variety to your dog's routines, and the possibilities are endless. Recently, I wrote about 6 Household Items that can easily be repurposed for enrichment, and one of the items I talked about was TOWELS.

Yep, that's right - standard, every day towels. Nothing fancy here.

But Why Towels?

Well, they're inexpensive, easy to clean, and accessible!

Here are some ways to fold your towels into enrichment puzzles for your dogs, starting at the easiest variation and working our way up.

Technique One: The Twist

Technique Two: Tie The Knot

Technique Three: The Snuffle Ball

Why Towel Puzzles are Great

Similar to a snuffle mat, these towel puzzles encourage the act of sniffing & foraging, which activates the pleasure centers in your dog's brain. These natural behaviors can alleviate stress, promote calm behavior and encourage slower eating habits.


  • Remove your towel puzzles once all of the treats have been found by your dog.

  • When increasing the difficulty, aim to make your dog think and not to make them fail. You always want your treats to be hidden but accessible so that the puzzle does not cause frustration.

  • Does your dog take off with the towel? Try folding it up and placing it inside a shallow laundry basket instead.

Be creative, have fun, and always monitor your pups with any new toy or activity.

If you do this at home, we'd love to see! Tag Us in your videos on Instagram.


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