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The KONG Wobbler Interactive Feeder: Tips, Tricks, and How to Up The Difficulty

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Dog owners around the world know and love the familiar shape of a Kong Classic. But what about the giant, wobbling version that's known as the Kong Wobbler?

We absolutely love the Wobblers in our house, and here's why:

  • Wobblers provide mental stimulation

  • They release dopamine into your dog's brain through the Contrafreeloading concept

  • Easy to clean

  • Fun way to ditch the bowl

Part 1: What They Are, Size Comparison, and More

Part 2: How To Up the Difficulty

All You'll Need To Amp This Up:

Small KONG Classic and/or Paper Tubes

*Tip*: I'm using a medium Puppy KONG inside of a large KONG Wobbler here. Using a larger classic KONG may be a bit too heavy and hold the Wobbler on it's side - in this case, opt for the paper tubes!

Part 3: Introductions

Introductions are important to ensure that you set your pooch up for success, and not frustration.

Tip: Want to figure out the best high value treat to put inside of your Wobbler? Try giving your dog a Preference Assessment!


Where to find a KONG Wobbler

Canada: Ren's Pets

USA: Amazon


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