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K9 Connectables: A First Look At This Unique Enrichment Line

Updated: May 13

Innovation & creativity - that's what brands these days are tapping into when creating new enrichment toys for our dogs.

With enrichment becoming more mainstream with new and old pet owners alike, brands are hopping on this train to provide toys that appeal to our pooches and their brains.

Speaking of new and unique, I'm super excited to share an enrichment brand - K9 Connectables - with all of you.

K9 Connectables graciously gifted us some of their enrichment toys to try, and let me tell you - This enrichment line has me more excited than usual!

About K9 Connectables

This innovative enrichment company based out of Dublin, Ireland creates a unique set of enrichment toys for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and preferences.

K9 Connectables are unique in that their line of toys have an unlimited set of possibilities. Due to their interlocking qualities, chewable grooves, carefully placed divots, and more, these toys can be tailored and popped together in plethora of ways to amp up these brain games for your dogs.

Why The Line Has Me Excited

When it comes to enrichment, choice, variation, and novelty are important to keep things interesting and fun. Personally, K9 Connectables toys check the boxes on all three for me!

For example, some add-ons you can freeze treats in, spread wet ingredients over, use for fetch, use as an interactive treat toy, etc. There are So. Many. Possibilities; and as a result, so many chances to create novelty, variation, and choice for our pets.

Not only that, but they're dishwasher & freezer safe - and some add-ons float! (I'm so excited to test this out with our water-loving pooches this summer).

Here's how I used them for the first time, and the reaction from my two dogs:

My dogs were both very intrigued and engaged in these toys during their first use, which I was super happy to see!

While I've only had them for a short amount of time, I'm excited to see how many different variations I'm able to create with these for my dogs.

I'm also intrigued to see how they'll hold up to my dog's mega chewing tendencies - so I'll be sure to report back once I have a genuine review after multiple rounds of vigorous use.


How durable are they?

Truthfully, I don't know quite yet. To the touch, the quality is definitely there.

While they've held up so far, I'm hesitant to give my full review on this until the dogs have some vigorous Connectable play under their belt. However, each item has a rating on the package based on chew type recommendations - so definitely check that out prior to purchasing if you're unsure.

Are they available to ship to CAN/USA?

K9 Connectables are now available to ship to Canada & The US. Lone toy packages & bundles are available, just keep an eye out for packages with treats. K9 Connectables cannot ship treats at this time to CAN/US, so you'll be unable to add them into your cart.

Do you have a discount code?

Due to the incredible interest on K9 Connectables on our social pages, K9 Connectables sent us a discount code for you all: Use "bindisbucketlist" at checkout to save 10%! (I receive no kickback from this, it's entirely for your usage).


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