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Dog Friendly Stay Review: Long Point Eco Adventures in Ontario, Canada (Reactive Dog Site Suggestions Included!)

This past weekend, my husband and I accompanied two of our close friends on a little Glamping adventure. We stayed at Long Point Eco Adventures in Norfolk County, and it was such a unique little retreat (dare I say, mini resort?). We wanted to scout out the location to see if it was a good fit to bring our dogs next time, so here's what we thought.

Today's Blog Feature Will Cover:

  • What We Loved

  • Things to Keep in Mind

  • The Long Point Eco Adventures Pet Policy

  • Sites and notes for Reactive Dogs

  • Site Map with starred recommendations

What We Loved

  • The lodgings of the Wilderness Suite were beautiful. We stayed in Wilderness Suite 10, which had two queen beds, a mini fridge, electricity, a fan, an electric fireplace, bed warmers, a fully functioning bathroom with running water, and a private outdoor shower.

  • Lots of on-site amenities, including hiking and biking trails, a Welcome Center with a Restaurant & Brewery, an Observatory, High Ropes & Ziplining, an Apiary, and more.

  • Location, Location, Location! There was so much to do offsite, including the Burning Kiln Winery (directly across the road), a winery route, a multitude of restaurants and breweries a stone's throw away, and Turkey Point Beach only a 5-minute drive away.

  • The onsite restaurant has a dog-friendly patio with lots of space, so you can still enjoy a bite to eat at the restaurant if you bring your furry pals. The patio also has a great view of the marsh.

  • Firewood is included in your stay, and it's delivered right to your door every afternoon.

  • All linens were also included in our stay, so we didn't have to bring any bedding or bath towels.

Things To Be Mindful Of:

  • Not every site is dog-friendly. If you're unsure of which lodgings are, be sure to take a look at their website or shoot them an email.

  • There is a pet fee of $30 added to your booking when you bring your dogs (which is totally understandable). That being said, when we signed in, there was a note in their waiver saying that no animals are allowed on the furniture in any pet-friendly lodgings (beds or couches). This is something to keep in mind as this was not noted in their Pet Policy, so we wouldn't have been prepared with extra dog beds if needed. **Side note: I have a feeling most people are not following this policy, especially if it's not communicated at the time of booking. Most people don't read the fine print when signing in, but this caveat just so happened to catch my eye. I have a feeling that a lot of dogs are snoozin' in these beds! But that's just my gut feeling.

Here is their pet policy as of 7/3/24 (Keep in mind it does not mention that dogs are not allowed on the furniture, which is why I wanted to flag it).

Reactive Dog Corner

Planning a holiday with a reactive dog in mind poses different challenges, which is why I like to do a lot of research beforehand.

After spending a weekend at Long Point Eco Adventures, here are the best site options (in my opinion) for reactive dogs. Keep in mind, not all of these sites may be suited to your dog's individual needs - but I wanted to showcase the "better" options that I saw at the location. I've made notes below, and I've starred the sites below on the map as well.

Wilderness Suite 10:

This was the suite we were in, and it was at the very end of the row (meaning we had less neighbors). Keep in mind that you will still have a view of other people and potentially other dogs if you book this site, but it would be more manageable than Wilderness Suites 1-9 (some of which are very close together). The site is also very close to a trail edge, which is handy for hikes, but you may see people coming and going (on foot and on bikes). We went on a holiday long weekend when the resort was fully booked, and the trail wasn't all that busy whatsoever (but I still wanted to note it, just in case).

Wilderness Suite 11:

This would be the best Wilderness Suite for a reactive dog out of the bunch (in my opinion). This Suite faces directly into the forest and is not on the direct walking path that Suite 10 is on, and only has one direct neighbor. That being said, keep in mind that there are trails in the forest, so seeing other people isn't completely out of the equation.

Deluxe Camping Pod D:

This is the site that I would book if I was bringing my dogs. The site is nice and secluded, with a nice little private greenspace to your right (I show this site in our video highlight, which I'll include below - it's about halfway through). While there is a pod to your left, you can access your pod via the greenspace, so I think it would be very manageable if your dog was reactive to people or other dogs.

*Added note on Camping Clusters:

Another option if you have a small group that your reactive dog feels safe with, would be to book a camping cluster. These camping clusters are essentially a group of camping pods in your own little space, where you have 3 individual pods for three different small groups (each pod sleeps 2-3 people). Note: I could not go up and look into these because they are private, and that's exactly why I'd recommend them. For reactive dogs, these are out of view from the main walking path (for the most part) so less chance of "stranger danger" reactions as people walk past.

So - Would We Go Back?

We had a wonderful time at Long Point Eco Adventures and would definitely go back. For dogs who don't mind other people and/or other dogs, this place has the potential to be a super fun weekend getaway! There are many dog-friendly amenities onsite and close by, which means lots of choice when planning your stay. That being said, for dogs who are extremely fearful or reactive, this place might be a bit tricky (but not impossible for every dog). If we were to come back, I would definitely book Deluxe Camping Pod D to help mitigate potential stressors for my dog-reactive dog.


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