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10 Cheer-Proof Gifts for Dog Lovers this Christmas (+5 Bonus Ideas for their Pooch)

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The holidays wouldn't be the same without the sparkling tree, the fire crackling, and your pup curled up at your feet. Let's face it, even the Grinch had a dog.

If you're anything like me, you love receiving gifts that point towards the love you have for your K9 companions.

Here's a list of the cutest gifts to place under the tree for the dog lover in your life!


The Rover Boutique Mask & Bandana pairing from Little Chief Dog.

Mask: $15.00 CAD

Bandana: $29.00 CAD

(Alternate patterns available)


"Me... and the dogs" sign from Bella and Coop.

Cost: $52.00 CAD


This Cheeky Mug from Lace and Twig Inc.

Cost: $26.00 CAD


Some Custom or Pre Drawn Wall Art from Stellar Villa

Prints: Range from $35.00+ US


These Matching Key Fobs and Collars from Second Floor Dogs Co

Key Fob: Starting at $6.99 CAD

Collars: Starting at $29.00 CAD


This Dog Lover's Tea Towel from Maker House.

Cost: $21.95 CAD


This Low Loveseat (Perfect for Dog Camping Snuggles) from Kelty

Cost: $109.95 US


The Matching T-shirt and Bandana Set from Happy Paws Company.

Full set: $40.00 CAD

(Alternate colours available)


Some Coffee and Accessories from Rescue Coffee.

3 Bag Subscription Pack: $60.00 CAD


Hardcover: $11.99 CAD


Now that you've got the dog lover covered, what about their beloved pup? Here are 5 bonus ideas that'll have tails wagging this holiday season.

1. These handmade snuffle mats from Mrs Dolittle’s Designs. (Rosie's Pick!)

2. These Christmas shaped enrichment toys from Sodapup.

3. These adorable Poochie Pouches from Former Fibres.

4. The Cliffhound Mountain Rope Ball Tug from Little Chief & Co. (Bindi's Pick!)

5. These beautifully crafted handmade tag designs from Sirius Metals.

Looking for alternate gift ideas for the whole family? Here are 12 Canadian Shops and Makers that You Should Support this Holiday Season.


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