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Blogs, Interviews and Podcasts that Feature Bindisbucketlist


Teach Me About Doggies: What to Put Inside a Kong (Besides Peanut Butter)

Learn about what enrichment is, certain items I love & recommend, and how to use them to enhance your dog's quality of life.

DogLogical: An Interview with Bindi's Bucket List

We talk enrichment, raw feeding, and all of that good stuff.

Just Add Dogs: The One About Bindi's Bucket List

Learn more about how Bindi and Rosie came into our lives, why we have a passion for rescue, and how enrichment changed our relationship with our dogs.

Tell Tale Dog: Enrichment (Part Three) With Taylor McDonald

Learn about how Bindi's Bucket List came to be, the act of "going viral", society's thirst for social media content, and how enrichment has become more mainstream. 

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